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English department being one of the largest departments of Stamford University Bangladesh is contributing significantly to the higher education sector. A large number of students study English literature and language in its undergraduate program (a four-year Bachelor degree) and postgraduate program (a one & half year Master’s degree). The department is reputed for being the field of multi-dimensional activities in creating future leaders with critical thinking and analytical abilities. Currently the department has got thirty full-time faculty members who are highly-qualified and excellent in their own specialized fields of knowledge. Among the faculty members, the department owns three associate professors, twenty assistant professors, six senior lecturers and one lecturer. With the assistance of outstanding faculty members, the department mainly focuses on two streams, English Literature and Language. In addition to the courses on literature and language, the Department offers courses related to Bangla Literature and Culture, Business Studies and Journalism. English Department also offers English language courses to the students of 13 other departments. Besides the continuous educational activities, the department arranges seminars and conferences time to time for its academic opulence. As a vibrant department, it has a peer-reviewed journal titled, Stamford Journal of English, which inspires and reflects the intense research for the excavation of new arena in world literature and languages. With the department’s literary expedition, it organizes various extra-curricular activities for the elevation of versatile faculties of the students of the department. English department leads several clubs such cultural club, drama club, sports club, debate club, anti-drug club, blood donating club etc. The students (club members) organise the programs under the guidance of the faculty members of the department to construct the personality and develop professionalism and social awareness. The participation of the English Department students is noticeably significant in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

English Department is known for its discipline and congenial academic environment. It has air-conditioned class rooms with multi-media and internet facilities. The extensive Wi-Fi network has enabled the students and teachers to have access to the magnificent storage of world knowledge and information links. This helps our students and teachers keep themselves up-to-date. While the department puts some efforts to enhance research potential of its students through conducting research projects both at undergraduate and graduate levels, the students are facilitated with two libraries with a rich collection of books/resources, purposefully located on the campuse of the university -- Siddheswari . Libraries are equipped with textbooks, reference books and journals.

English Department of Stamford University Bangladesh is very keen to fulfill its academic and social purposes of developing intellectual capability and human values among the students. It is committed to the accomplishment of its obligation to the society and to the nation through preparing students with adequate knowledge base, proper sense of responsibility, and morality.

The options to choose from when it comes to higher education in Bangladesh may seem many but few are on par in quality and history with Stamford.

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